Corporate Name Epicrew Corporation.
CEO Akira Okabe
Founded October 1999
Capital ¥100,000,000
Head Quarters 147-40 Masuragahara, Omura-City, Nagasaki 856-0022 JAPAN
Employee 22
Project Sales and Development for Epitaxial equipments./ Import/Export of used equipment tools./ Sales and Maintenance./ Fixtures and fittings for semiconductor manufacturing equipments./ Spare Part’s Development, Production and Sales./ Spare Part’s Repair./ Development for Equipment Support./ Customer training and Support./ Epitaxial Process Support & Development.
Board Menmber Representative Director & CEO Akira Okabe
Independent Director                Susumu Masuda
Outside Company Auditor          Naomi Azuma
Customer GlobalWafers Japan Co., Ltd.
Shin-Etsu Handoutai Co.,Ltd.
Texas Instruments Japan Limited
Renesas Electronics Corporation
Function Finance department
HR department
General affairs department
Sales & Technical department
Manufacturing department
Spare parts sales and repair
Refurbished system sales
R & D
Facility Clean room
Measurement tools