In recent years, our living has massively changed by the spread of digital equipment and networks and smart grid initiative that applies renewable energy. As its key device, power semiconductor contributes to the growth in digital appliance and green computing equipment include higher performance of smart phone and tablet PC, the electric power saving of hybrid car and energy saving domestic electric goods.

Since establishment of our company, we have been working on “customer satisfaction while increasing our company profits” through technical and maintenance service of epitaxial equipment which is absolutely essential in semiconductor manufacturing process.

We hold up management vision “Be a world class enterprise and contribute to customer’s productivity improvement throughout challenging innovative technique and manufacturing on epitaxial markets,” and try for the improvement of the corporate value to build reliance and partnership with stakeholders by working on the action items below.


① Sales Actions
We work aggressively for Asian market where economic growth is remarkable while strengthening relationship with our business partner. In addition, we promote the strengthening of marketing and product planning ability from mid and long-term standpoint of business growth and expansion revenue base.
② About Product development
We develop and sell the new products that customer needs in epitaxial fields.
We want to promote and give high quality and high valued products to customers.
③ About Human Resource
We will continue to recruit and train people to manage and strength our products development.
④ About Financial Affairs
We will continue to proceed efficiency of funds operations by compression of inventories and accounts receivable, and also to ensure the strengthening of business activities to make a success of the management that attached great importance to cash flow. At the same time, we aim to build firm financial base that can correspond to rapid changes in market and continued research and development by working on cost reduction and productivity improvement of business.
⑤ Compliance Actions
We strive to ensure compliance with laws and organization rules, social and internal rules.

I appreciate your continuing support for our activities.

Chief Executive Officer
May 12, 2017


2016 Apr/Start activities for Epicrew USA Inc. in the USA market.
Providing Epicrew Japan products and support USA customers.
2015 Jan/Business alliance with Diamond Equipment, Inc.
2014 May/The capital is decreased(Capital 100,000,000 yen).
2010 Aug/Build Clean Room for Manufacturing in Nagasaki Headquarter.
2009 May/Dissolution Epicrew America Inc.
2008 June/Concluded an international exclusive distributorship agreement with Altatech.
December/We are certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001(International Organization for standardization), and OHSAS 18001(Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series).
2007 March/Moved Tokyo Branch to Higashi-nihonbashi, Chuo-ku.
April/Merged Epicrew Technology for business efficiency.
September/The capital is increased (Capital 174,800,000 yen).
2006 August/Founded Epicrew Technology Corporation for semiconductor manufacturing equipment production and its fixtures and fitting business.
Founded Epicrew America Inc. for sales and services of semiconductor manufacturing equipments in US market.
2005 January/The company’s name is changed to “Epicrew Corporation.”.
The capital is increased (Capital 51,800,000 yen).
December/The capital is increased (Capital 151,800,000 yen).
2004 March/The Nagasaki headquarters site is enhanced.
July/Operation beginning of research building.
October/The Nagasaki headquarters site is enhanced for the warehouse construction.
December/Warehouse completion.
The capital is increased (Capital 33,600,000 yen).
2003 January/New our own building is completed in Nagasaki.
March/The headquarters is moved to Nagasaki.
March/Tokyo is changed to the branch office.
December/The capital is increased (capital 30,000,000 yen).
2002 June/Nagasaki office establishment in Omura-City Nagasaki Prefecture by corporate attracting.
2001 October/Move to our own new building completed in Machida-City.
2000 January/The capital is increased (Capital 10,000,000 yen).
January/Organization change from limited company to Company.